Can I trust her to the point of leaving my texts in her hands?”

“Can she also bring across the voices in my scripts?”?“

“Can she even rewrite my scripts to adapt them from any foreign language?”?“

Yes, she can.


Your ideas are often the product of a great deal of hard work, often a collaborative effort. You want to see these ideas brought across convincingly in a foreign language by native speakers. Clearly, precisely and confidentially. Your text should come across in translation with the same effect you intended in the original. This is exactly what we do well, and what we guarantee to you. .

Welcome to danilingua  translations from English, French, Italian into German, interpreting, voiceover, MC and more

Sometimes, it is only the small details, a mispronounced word or the wrong tense that lead to misunderstanding, especially with business partners who are not native American or English speakers. And for native speakers, clear and concise language creates a positive impression. Wouldn’t it be great if you did not have to sweat these details? You can be sure that your text comes across just as you intended it in the original. You have found the right partner for your business correspondence and publications.

There are no set qualifications or restrictions on translators and interpreters, the field is full of dilettantes and semi-professionals. It is hard to find one to fit your standards.

You need to be sure that the people to whom you entrust your texts will treat them seriously and professionally. Are they native speakers? Do they work with proofreaders and specialists in their respective fields? What are their own professional qualifications.

My quality standards:

Specialist background is needed to understand the content and intent of the text, and good translators will occasionally decline certain translations if they feel they cannot do them justice or deliver on schedule – in itself a sign of quality professionalism. I also bring many years of living and working in North America, including several extended trips to Canada to the table.

Translation is a matter of trust. Please rest assured that all information provided and the contents of your documents will be kept  confidential. I will be glad to sign any non-disclosure agreement.

We are committed to providing you the best customer service. We also value personal contact so do not hesitate to call via skype (voiceoverdani) or telephone or send an E-Mail to

I am looking forward to being a part of your North American/German (European) experience.